Saturday, March 23, 2013

These Weeks in Science

Hi all!  I am finally back to campus so I can once again journal stalk.  Somehow I missed three editions of Science, so here are the highlights.

March 8th

1) Perspective on (De)personalized Medicine.  This perspective article argues that without integrating social and environmental factors into a person's medical record, integrating genetic information will just lead to a new era of depersonalized medicine without really improving patient condition.

2) Report on Praire Dog Dispersal When All Close Kin Have Disappeared. This is an interesting article on behavioral ecology that illustrates the trade-off between kin competition and kin cooperation.

March 15th

1)News article on Bird Paleontology suggests that early birds may have had four wings instead of two. Not as related, but SUPER cool.

March 22nd

1)News article on Conservation Biology for amphibians.  This new center basically acts as life support for nearly extinct species.

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