Sunday, November 25, 2012

Potluck--Behavioral genetics and postgenomics

Hey guys -- 

Here is an awesome paper by a cool guy named Evan Charney from Duke (the place I still love, by the way). 

Anyways, the paper is super lengthy, but does an awesome job tying in much of what we've talked about this semester from the scope of behavioral genetics. He examines the role of epigenetics, environmental factors, heritability, genetic variability, etc. in shaping human behavior. 


Microbiome in chimps and humans

Hey guys -- 

Not sure if y'all saw the recent study by Ochman and colleagues about comparing the enterotypes between chimps and humans ... The paper came out the day after we talked about it in class. They basically find that humans and chimps share similar enterotypes, which was a crucial factor in human evolution. 

Here's the Yale News link and here's the link for Nature paper. 


Monday, November 12, 2012

Evolutionary Medicine- Clonal Competition in Cancer

Hey everyone,

I was interested in the chemotherapy strategies suggested when cancer is studied from an evolutionary medicine perspective. I couldn't find a popular news source on the topic, but am curious to hear how doctors/patients feel about using lower doses of chemotherapy. Here's a link to an article that studied the clonal competition in patients with multiple myeloma.