Monday, October 10, 2011

Personal Genomics in 2011

This article looks at the 'personal genomics landscape' for 2011, and evaluates how the field has progressed since 2010. They raise some very interesting point, especially about the $1000 genome. Specifically, they address the costs of analysis. Sure, you can get a $1000 genome sequence but it will cost "another $100,000" to analyze the data for an individual person. Does this make the personal genome any more accessible for everyday, healthy people? They also address whether the personal genome will stay DTC, and the issues surrounding patents, legislation, and ownership of data. It is a nice starting place for a more updated version of our Gurwitz & Bregman-Eschet reading.

In general this looks like a great site for getting more information about the societal impacts of the genomics revolution (

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