Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recently in Science!

This article is a cool conservation biology news piece that details the resurgence of large predator populations in North America.  HERE

An interesting letter calling for geographic information to be attached to GenBank genetic data. HERE

This policy paper looks at ethical questions that will have to be considered in the debate about whether to sequence babies' genomes at birth.  HERE

This paper describes some of the recent questions in the field of biogeography, describing how researchers are working to describe global patterns of biodiversity. HERE

This is a news article about a really important recent new paper that proved that some phenotypic traits (in this case plant flowering) can be completely controlled by heritable epigenetics.  This gives some evidence for the fact that epigenetics could have had a very important role in evolution. HERE

This research article on the gut microbiome and diet's links obesity in mice with transplanted microbiomes. HERE

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