Monday, September 23, 2013

Pa. considers labeling law for genetics that help achieve record yields of corn, soybeans

Farmers in Pennsylvania have been using genetically-modified corn and soybeans and are producing record yields.  However, consumers in the state are pushing for all GMOs to be labelled.  Maine and Connecticut already have laws in place requiring GMO labelling and Congress is also discussing similar legislation. Consumer groups worry that GMOs have not been tested for long term affects on humans.  Scientists at Penn State and plant breeders argue that people do not understand genetic modification, saying that it is just a faster version of processes found in nature.  The Food and Drug Administration, the USDA, and the Environmental Protection Agency all regulate which GMOs may be grown and sold in the US, and the FDA has determined that GMOs in general are safe for consumption. In recent polls though, 90% of Americans thought that GMOs should be labelled as such.

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