Wednesday, April 10, 2013

These Weeks in Science

Hey All!
Here are the last two weeks worth of interesting articles from Science. (4 and 7 are particularly interesting in light of today's topic)
1) This article on scientist's attempts to bring back a new species of pigeon that has the same characteristics as the passenger pigeon.
2)This article showing that pseudoenzymes (or dead enzymes) cannot catalyze reactions, but that they may have other functions.
3)This really interesting policy forum article on the ethics of bringing species back to life from extinction.  
4)THIS super applicable article on the role of HLA-C expression level on HIV control (it also had a deleterious effect on Crohn's disease).
5)This bioethics paper that urges the notification of individuals with abnormal DNA results who participate in studies.
6)This article on genetic causes for premature aging syndromes.
7)THIS super applicable article on multiple instances of ancient balancing selection shared between chimps and humans besides MHC.

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