Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Forensics Genetics

The conservation genetics lab at University of Arizona uses genetics to identify whether or not certain species are likely of soon becoming endangered. There are several reasons such as urbanizations that can lead to a species becoming extinct, but the one most focused on here is inbreeding. As members of a species disperse and becoming isolated, there is a greater likelihood that inbreeding will occur. This study allows researchers to to see how the different animals of a species are related to one another. By studying different segments of the DNA, whether dealing with individuals, groups, or species, the researchers are able to notice to genetic diversity or lack of. With this information, the researchers are able to intervene where they can see inbred is occurring.

The forensics genetics has been able to help also stop wildlife crime,  identify species is no area around the world, as well as notify when endangered species need to become captive.

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