Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Evolutionary Anthropology

January/February 2013

This article looks at how microwear patterns on teeth can shed light on the dietary habits of primates because they conserve information about the items that primate consumed before death.

This article discusses how endocasts, or fillings of the endocranial cavities can provide a lot of information about morphology. We can start understanding how the brain structure and strange pattern of ontogeny evolved in modern humans.

March/April 2013

This news article talks about the findings presented at the meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. A few presentations that seem particularly interesting have to do with energy of primates, in different areas such as locomotion and the correlation between energy and obesity.

This study is really interesting because it looks at the human social structure in order to gain insight into the evolution of the system, rather than the individual parts that build the system.  The author's five-stage sequence about the human social structure's evolutionary history points to constraints as well as areas for future research.

This paper argues that two very different arguments about post-fertile lifespan in humans both contain correct arguments, but the failure to distinguish between two different traits has perpetuated the misconceptions. I think this paper is a good read because it highlights how interdisciplinary evolutionary research needs to be.

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