Monday, November 4, 2013

Recently in Science!

Hey Y'all!
There have been some pretty cool things in Science recently.  Here they are:

1) RNA Helps Resurrect Ancient DNA
   This News article talks about an exciting new method of getting better ancient DNA results by using RNA probes that bind to human DNA so that bacterial contamination can be washed away.  I don't know about costs, but this also seems like it may be interesting for pesky fecal samples as well!

2) Ancient DNA links Native Americans to Europe
  This News article talks about how a new genome from an ancient boy in Siberia shows that Native Americans share large parts of their genome with western Eurasia.

3) A Science News article and Research Article on that lovely skull that made the NYT front page.  The morphology of this skull suggests that there were not multiple Homo lineages existing at the same time.  Instead variation is due to sexual dimorphism and individual variation.

4) Did Denisovans Cross Wallace's Line?
   This perspective looks at the geographic distribution of Denisovans, an ancient hominin contemporary with the Neanderthal.

5) Mitochondrial DNA study looks at processes of variation in Central Europe

(I've learned that Science doesn't really like monkeys, but really likes ancient humans)

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