Monday, February 18, 2013

This Week in Science

This week had a whole bunch of papers in Science that were at least mildly associated with the classes scope--or just pretty interesting.

1) A perspective on the creation of a molecular animal tree of life, including some of the surprises associated with its creation: HERE

2) A perspective on the role of new insights from biophysics into gene regulation--specifically the role of adjacent DNA bound proteins and their allosteric effects:  HERE
And the full length research article: HERE

3) A perspective on new ideas in gene therapy to create more targeted approaches using RNA-guided systems: HERE
And two full length research articles: HERE1 and HERE2

4) A comment and a response to a comment from a previous paper on "Evolutionary Trade-Offs, Pareto Optimality, and the Geometry of Phenotype Space" that showed how 'configurations of phenotypes may identify tasks that trade-off with each other': HEREC and HERER

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